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The Startup Chat

Steli Efti and Hiten Shah run this podcast that covers how to make it in the world of software startups


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Launching Your Product

One of the tenets of Agile software development is to get a working piece of software out the door as early as possible and then see how it behaves, how people use it, what should be changed, how to build on it, and so on.

Startups have generally adopted the concept of using a

Settle Smarter

Settle Smarter

If you are interestered in work-life balance this is the podcast for you. Dana Look-Arimoto interviews successful C-suite types about their life, issues etc.. It is a perfect stabilizer with episodes that run about 30 minutes each 


Use the chat window

Use it as an opportunity to emphasize your ideas and prove that you’re fully present. A few examples: 

  • When you mention an article or shared document, link to it in the chat.
  • If you run the meeting, put a link to the agenda in the chat.

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