Cheerleader Effect: Perceived Beauty

The Cheerleader Effect is a visual illusion, where people appear more attractive in a group, rather than when seen alone.

It works similar to the Ebbinghaus Illusion, where a medium-sized dot appears larger in front of smaller dots, or the Moon Illusion, where the moon seems larger on the horizon.

What we see is not a direct reflection of reality, but depends upon context, expectations, and previous information.

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The Cheerleader Effect

A profile picture with friends seems to convey that we are social and well-liked. Group shots also seem to be appealing to others due to another factor known as the Cheerleader Effect.

Our profile pictures on social media are mostly selfies, headshots or pics of our loved ones. We don’t usually put up group pictures on display, but it might be a good idea.

As we tend to view an individual to be like the group they are associated with, the face of the individual is blended with other faces in the group, making it more attractive that it may be.

The average face is also high in its attractiveness quotient, as it provides the features that are the most common.

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How we interpret gaze
  • We give gaze physical properties.
  • We create implicit mental programmes in which the visual attention of others is understood as a forceful beam emitted from the viewer’s eye and directed at the object of interest.
  • These mental programmes allow us to use cognitive shortcuts in order to process peoples’ visual attention quickly and efficiently.



A Good Sense Of Humor
  • Humor has many practical uses, like diffusing a difficult situation, masking one’s nervousness, coping with failure and softening the criticism doled out to someone. 
  • Humor works well in social situations and helps people who are starting any relationship to build a bond.
  • Funny people are perceived as attractive, smart and personable.
About Consciousness

Consciousness is everything you experience - taste, pain, love, feeling. Where these experiences come from is a mystery.

Many modern analytic philosophers of mind either deny the existence of consciousness, or they argue that they can never be meaningfully studied by science.

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