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People Motivation

Other people around us in a coffee shop who are working on their laptops, make the place a co-working environment, which acts as a motivator for us to be productive, just as going to the gym makes us exercise as we see people around us do the same.


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"Never look back unless you are planning to go that way." - Henry David Thoreau

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Handling Difficult People

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How to communicate effectively with difficult people

How to handle conflict

How to stay calm under pressure

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As we sit in a coffee shop and open our laptops (often in our favourite chair) the visual stimulation around us, the decoration, walls, windows, makes us delve into convergent creative thinking, the one that requires us to think out of the box.

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The Lure Of The Coffee Shop

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People Are Distracting

Smart people find that being a lot with other people distracts them from their aspirations and goals.

They find people around them annoying after a while, as they have better, more productive things to do, which they prefer doing alone.

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