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Coconut milk

Coconut originated from India and Southeast Asia but spread naturally to other Pacific Ocean coastlines.

Coconut milk is the liquid found when grating coconut meat. It can be very thick and creamy or thinner and more milk-like. Of all the plant milks, coconut milk has been consumed the longest.

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Bananas are a popular herb

Bananas are the most consumed fruit in the United States. Bananas are tasty, portable, and also very nutritious and versatile.

Bananas are actually a large herb, with fruits that develop from female flowers. There are over 300 kinds of bananas that mainly grows in tropical and subtropical areas of Africa, Asia, America, the Canary Islands, and Australia. The version we think of as a classic banana is a Cavendish, or dessert banana.

Chocolate Uplifts Our Mood

Having something sweet when we are feeling low, like a piece from a box of dark chocolates instantly uplifts our mood. Apart from the nutritious benefits of eating food, there are many psychological, physiological and motivational effects on us, both positive and negative.

Example: Carbonated beverages, like a can of diet coke, can evoke aggressive reactions, especially in people who have a history of aggression or violence.

Compulsive overeating

Behaviours and patterns associated with compulsive eating include food cravings, loss of self-control, continued overeating and failed attempts to stop the behaviour pattern.

Some people compulsively eat specific foods, such as highly processed foods full of carbohydrates and fats.


Sourdough is a vegan bread, however it is not gluten-free. It's a naturally leavend bread that uses a 'starter' instead of commercial yeast.

For sourdough you need the three basic ingredients: strong white bread flour, water, and salt.

Many use different flours in their sourdough and experiment with different ones but as long as you adjust the amount of water accordingly, it will come out great. You can also add flavoring ingredients such as: seeds, nuts, herbs, chillies, cheese, and more.

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