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3. That Quirky Nervousness

At the height of their nervousness, they may stutter, or fumble with whatever they are holding, or not seem to know what to do with their hands. These are some of the obvious surprising signs that someone is into you.


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How To Be Good at Parties

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How to read body language

How to find common ground with others

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Give your hands a break

Most of us don't really know what to do with our hands while talking. And this may add the nervousness of the public speaking experience.
It's ok to just leave them by your sides when you’re not using them.

Good/bad strategy decision-makers

Good/bad strategy decision-makers

It's not easy to split people into the good/bad strategy decision-makers.

  • Track records are useful to some extend. Those with business degrees seem to be good signs, but they may differ on what works. Veterans look promising, but so do outsiders with new ideas.
  • ...



Have you noticed how some people seem to have an almost superhuman ability to read others?

  • While some people can’t seem to pick up on the most obvious social cues, these masters of reading others can tell how someone is feeling, what they’re thinking, and even guess their intentions ...

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