Happiness Myths

  • "I'll be happy when..."
  • Problems come and go quickly
  • Material things bring happiness
  • Perfection is the key to happiness
  • Stability equates to happiness
  • "My parents had it harder than I did..."

All of these are myths that give off the precedent that this is what happiness should be but it is mostly consumed by denial, detractory, and envy. Being able to accept the good with the bad will aid us into finding ourselves and explore what happiness truly means for us.

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Self Improvement



Chasing Happiness

Many people believe that bliss is a feeling that should have permanency and refusing to believe otherwise makes you a downer. However, bliss is a temporary state of being. It is attainable but it brings forth emotional distress when entangled with unrealistic expectations.

The volatility of emotions runs high when we are not able to accept that there are some things we are not in control of. It is important to remember that the more you seek happiness, the more you are doomed to fail.

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Hyper Envy

As people get more and more connected through social media and internet-based tools, they get exposed to things that make them envious.

Envy has always existed, but in the age of social media, it has become 'hyper-envy' or an extreme form of envy.

Perfectionist Behavior

Perfectionist behavior is a broad personality trait prevalent in today's generation. It is defined as a hypercritical relationship with one's self.

While setting high standards for oneself can be deemed as a positive quality, but perfectionism more or less assumes that we are flawed or defective.

Obesity: The Facts
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 80 %of adults and about one-third of children now meet the clinical definition of overweight or obese. More Americans live with “extreme obesity“ than with breast cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and HIV put together.
  • Studies have found that about one-third of people classified as obese are metabolically healthy. They show no signs of elevated blood pressure, insulin resistance or high cholesterol.

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