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Gain career clarity first

In order to advocate for yourself you must seek in you your strengths, the things that vitalize you among those that drain you, and knowing which environment empowers you and enables you to do your best work.

Other people won't advocate for you and they most certainly won't speak up in your absence.

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Self Improvement

Jane Austen: a model of perseverance

Beyond the love and romance, the novels of Jane Austen has a layer of steel and resilience that may inspire us in uncertain times.

Jane Austen's own life was a lesson of perseverance: She published six novels in seven years and died at the age of 41. When she was 25, her rector father retired. Austen, her parents and her sister spent the next eight years travelling between small properties in Bath, relatives' homes and seaside resorts. Much of this life is reflected in her heroines.


Meteors, or shooting stars, are pieces of space rock burning up in the atmosphere as gravity pulls them towards the earth. Most meteors are created from icy comets which undergo sublimation due to the sun, turning from ice to gas.

The ice evaporates and forms a stream of debris, slamming into our atmosphere and creating a spectacular display of meteor showers in the night sky.

News consumption

Abstaining from all news would probably look like you're about to betray your civic duty, but watching every story in real-time is a betrayal of your sanity.

Consider checking in on the news once a day for 45 minutes, preferably in the morning. Listen to radio news or a popular news podcast, or browse the main headlines of a newspaper. However, do not watch cable news or look to Twitter.

Chasing Happiness

Many people believe that bliss is a feeling that should have permanency and refusing to believe otherwise makes you a downer. However, bliss is a temporary state of being. It is attainable but it brings forth emotional distress when entangled with unrealistic expectations.

The volatility of emotions runs high when we are not able to accept that there are some things we are not in control of. It is important to remember that the more you seek happiness, the more you are doomed to fail.

Why snow is white

It has everything to do with optics.

  • When light strikes a smooth flat surface like ice, its visible rays generally pass straight through without their paths being disturbed. This is why glass and ice often appear clear.
  • When light strikes irregular surfaces, it reflects and scatters in all directions. This applies to snowflakes, which are made up of hundreds of teeny-tiny ice crystals varying in shape and structure.
  • Because the light that strikes the glass shards or snowflakes is reflected back equally, these rays include all of the composite wavelength colors of visible light (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), which together, look white.
A belief in supernatural forces

Superstitious individuals believe in fate as a way to resolve uncertainty and gain some sense of control. They look for a connection between co-occurring, non-related events, such as the idea that charms promote good luck.

The superstitious individuals' beliefs and experiences drive superstitions, explaining why they are irrational.

Lessons from Kiki's Delivery Service
Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli films may take place in fantastical worlds, but they possess many real-world lessons. They tackle deeply relatable themes that many millennial artist's face.
  • Trying to make it as a creative. She has to develop a work/life balance that doesn’t completely wear her out.
  • Creative burnout. “[Kiki’s] lost of flight communicates that when you wear yourself too thin and turn your passion into just a job, you’ll no longer be able to just create,”

  • Self-care. Kiki finds enjoyment in flying again by learning when to take a break from things.

Your work is your reward

A big mistake many people make in their careers is to treat work as a means to an end, be it money, power, or prestige.

When a career is just a means to an end, the payoff will be unsatisfying. With the right goals - earning your success and serving others - you can make the work itself your reward.

Burnout is related to what we can't control

Burnout, the condition when work makes us mentally, emotionally and physically drained, is not necessarily due to working long, stressful hours.

Burnout is not an issue with people working on their own startup or doing things they love, as they are not dancing to the tune of the deadlines imposed by others, but doing what they want to do, for themselves. Burnout happens when things are not in our control.


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