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Once you know and understand the author’s message, you’ll read faster and then move on to the next one.


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Making Remote Work, Work

Learn more about productivity with this collection

How to create a productive workspace at home

How to balance work and personal life while working remotely

How to maintain focus and motivation while working remotely

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Six things every message needs

  1. It's one idea. Focus your idea on the one point you want your audience to buy into. Too many ideas will produce confusion.
  2. You can express it in a single, clear sentence. If your message is more than one sentence or a long sentence, your l...

6. Dare yourself to get one solid goal accomplished

6. Dare yourself to get one solid goal accomplished

Then another. Instead of focusing on all of your goals and dreams, prioritize one or two important ones.

Resist the need to overload yourself with other shiny objects and work strategically to accomplish what you envisioned.

Once complete, move on to the next one. Can...

Understand before memorizing

Understand before memorizing

Learning, is much faster when you work with precision over brute force. You’ll remember much more if, instead of trying to memorize, you first seek to understand. Once you “get” something, the act of memorizing it becomes much, much faster.

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