Tips For Achieving Self Comparison

  • Have a goal.
  • Ask yourselfwhat you do to avoidconflict andwhat you lieabout.
  • Understand that we live within a framework that always defines the present as lacking and the future as better, and that this is necessary to propel us to act. 
  • Ask yourself what you can and are willing to do toimprove things in your life, regardless of how small it is. Then, do itand keep doing it so you achieve a positive feedback that always leaves you better today than you were yesterday.
  • Keep the thought of bettering yourself in mind. Our minds tend to seek information on that which we focus and in doing so it gives insights that would not have been picked up otherwise.
  • Have faith in yourself. Understand that faith is the realization that the irrationalities of life must be counterbalanced by an equally irrational commitment to the essential goodness of Being.

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