The Main Drive In Life

The Main Drive In Life

Psychiatrist Victor Frankl, whose classic book Man’s Search For Meaning promotes better mental and emotional health by discovering meaning in our lives, provided us with a dilemma: To savour the world or to enjoy it.

The main drive of life, according to many philosophers, is to find meaning in all the suffering we all inevitably go through. Troubling, bleak and disturbing news can be a source of anxiety or a call to action, depending on a person’s mindset.

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Self Improvement


We need to balance our life with activities and relationships that nurture our mind and body while being beneficial to others. We can cultivate our inner resources in a way that allows us to impact others with kindness and caring.

Small things like a warm smile, kindness in one’s voice and a spring in your step is a beautiful way to touch others, rather than appearing irritated or foul. We all need to rekindle our own balance and increase the resources we have to offer to others while enjoying our time on this planet.

It is fortunate to be part of the solution to the world’s problems, making a positive contribution, and doing good things that help others. However, if we don’t strike a balance and keep our life enjoyment at bay, there will be a point of burnout where we will experience compassion fatigue.

Taking a walk in the park, a bike ride, exercise, painting, meditation and yoga can recharge our batteries and boost our happiness.

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Becoming Young

Being young is being curious. And most people become cynical and overly critical towards life as they grow older, and only a select few retain the wonder, innocence and joy of a child.

An adult's life consists of optimizing life using knowledge, mental models and practical shortcuts, a race towards better efficiency in everything. We stop asking the right questions, like the most common question a child asks: Why?

Inner child and inner critic: a battle for creativity

Authenticity In Psychology

Our lives are uncertain and impermanent, and paradoxically, this can lead us towards living authentically, as we realize that death is unavoidable, values are subjective, and life by itself is flux.

The Self-Perception Theory reveals that people manipulate their own information so that the audience is impressed. People portray authenticity and manipulate their behaviours to appear real when it is necessary.

Authentic Living: How to Be Real According to Psychology

The Internet can make you feel fractured

The internet can open us up to so many things that we would have never seen otherwise. There's funny animal videos, plant parent groups, and information on movements. But there's also hate speech, harassment, misinformation etc.

The internet can also divide our attention and make us feel fragmented.

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