The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners used in diet food and drinks do not help in losing weight but actually trick our bodies into thinking that sugary foods do not have any calories. People who consume artificial sugar also tend to eat more calories by increasing their portion size.

A brand new, extensive study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal showed that there are complications associated with eating non-nutritive (artificial) sugar, like increased BMI (weight gain) and cardiometabolic issues.

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Switching from Cole Zero to regular Coke will not help, and even the ‘zero-calorie’ or the so called ‘natural’ sweetener options are only helping our sugar-addiction.

Sugar is no longer classified as food, but as a drug, similar to cocaine. It is not good for us and we need to kick the habit of consuming it in any form.

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It is commonly believed that the consume of artificial sweeteners helps reduce the intake of calories., resulting in less chances to develop a heart disease. However, there are ups and downs also when it comes to this topic, which you should definitely be aware of when deciding to start consuming them.

Why You Get Sugar Cravings

Here are some reasons that may apply to you as to why you are craving sugar:

  • You are using artificial sweeteners
  • You sleep poorly
  • You are stressed
  • You are eating to soothe your emotions or to feel better
  • You body needs certain minerals

The above are the most common reasons why many of us, especially women crave for this.

  • Carbs make you fat.
  • Eating breakfast is necessary to lose weight.
  • Weight loss diets work.
  • Fat makes you fat.
  • Fast food is always fattening.

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