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The Two Kinds Of Narcissists

  • Grandiose narcissists are in a complete self-delusion and believe every word they say. Some experts classify this category of narcissists as psychopaths.
  • Vulnerable narcissists don;t believe what they are saying; they are seekers of fame and status, probably due to some psychological wounds at an early age.

Narcissism As A Defence Mechanism

Narcissism As A Defence Mechanism

  • The term Narcissist is named after the beautiful Narcissus, a youth in Ancient Greece who was so self-obsessed with his own reflection that it killed him.
  • A narcissistic attitude is a product of self-loathing, and not self-love, according to an academic study.
  • Narcissism is mostly misunderstood and is in fact a cover-up or a defence mechanism on one’s negative self-worth and deep insecurities.
  • Narcissism can be described as performative self-elevation, where one pretends to be more successful or important than one really is.

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