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Creativity: Stimulus And Boredom

Creativity needs stimulus, but also an optimum load of boredom to thrive. Too much boredom will make one lethargic, as in the case for imposed isolation of lockdowns across the world. One has to find the unique boredom sweet spot.

Creativity is not a linear process, and one needs bursts of isolation and stimuli to weave the creative content.

Creativity In Isolation

Creativity In Isolation

For many people in creative professions, a lack of stimulus and isolation hampers work. Yet for some, a lockdown and being completely alone with oneself is a boon for real creativity.

Such contradiction makes understanding creativity hard, but the two main factors for creative thinking are openness to new experiences and being comfortable with one’s own thoughts and inner voice.

Finding New Processes

One can try to redefine what kind of stimuli would be useful in the creative process, as it is easy to get stuck in the old methods of finding creative sparks.

  • If the outdoor stimulus is not possible, one can try inner experiences like journaling, mindfulness and meditation.
  • Journaling your emotions, for example, is proven to help creativity.
  • One can reconnect with old friends, or look up old pictures on their PC and phone to recall moments that can spark creativity.
  • A good walk in the park also helps declutter the mind and process thoughts that are stuck inside.
  • It is important to not be stressed about being creative.

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