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Finding Delight In Uncertainty

Much as we avoid it, uncertainty is a stage of growth and learning. It is uncertainty that gets us into intimate relationships, creativity and anything new in our lives. We discover, play, dance and grow only with uncertainty. The most meaning and joy we have experienced in our lives have always been periods of deep uncertainty.

Being uncertain and moving into the unknown is an adventure that makes life worth living if we allow ourselves to be open to embracing the feeling.


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Practice Loving The Unknown

  1. Notice uncertainty in a task, and the bodily sensation or resistance you feel.
  2. Instead of avoidance, get in a playful mode and commit to being with the uncertainty of the task.
  3. Seek the opportunity and joy that may be in the task. Example: If you find public speaking f...


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Uncertainty: A Fact Of Life

Uncertainty: A Fact Of Life

Most of us live to minimize uncertainty, as it seems like a cause of a host of problems like anxiety, frustration, health issues, financial problems and relationship issues.

But uncertainty is not the terrible thing we make it to be, and it is possible to find joy and deli...


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Don`t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

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  • Getting creative is a way to be comfortable with anxiety.
  • Building something from scratch, even if it is just an attempt at painting something on a blank canvas, requires a strength to work with the unknown.
  • A creative life full of deep dives into the unknown is more of a...

Idea #2: Embracing Uncertainty as Creative Freedom

Contrary to a predetermined script, embracing uncertainty offers a vast canvas for creativity. This idea explores life as an improvisational play, highlighting the beauty that unfolds when we let go of rigid scripts and dance with the spontaneity of existence. It’s an ode to the creative freedom ...

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What Took A Truth In Blind Spot

It took a long time to realize that not everything in life is meant to be a beautiful story.

Not every person we feel something deep and moving with is meant to make a home within us or to be forever.


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