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Delight in Uncertainty - zen habits

Delight in Uncertainty - zen habits


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Delight in Uncertainty - zen habits

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Uncertainty: A Fact Of Life

Most of us live to minimize uncertainty, as it seems like a cause of a host of problems like anxiety, frustration, health issues, financial problems and relationship issues.

But uncertainty is not the terrible thing we make it to be, and it is possible to find joy and delight in the feeling of uncertainty.


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Much as we avoid it, uncertainty is a stage of growth and learning. It is uncertainty that gets us into intimate relationships, creativity and anything new in our lives. We discover, play, dance and grow only with uncertainty. The most meaning and joy we have experienced in our lives have always been periods of deep uncertainty.

Being uncertain and moving into the unknown is an adventure that makes life worth living if we allow ourselves to be open to embracing the feeling.


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  1. Notice uncertainty in a task, and the bodily sensation or resistance you feel.
  2. Instead of avoidance, get in a playful mode and commit to being with the uncertainty of the task.
  3. Seek the opportunity and joy that may be in the task. Example: If you find public speaking filled with uncertainty, see how awesome it would be if your speech goes great and you rock on the stage.
  4. Perform a physical activity (dancing, jumping) that takes over your mindset, pushing it into the mode of adventure and delight.


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