Give a TED-style talk that gets a lot of views

  • Arrange and re-arranged your message onto the 9-up format - same size as sticky notes, until you are happy with the flow.
  • Solicit feedback from effective presenters that you trust to give honest, unfiltered feedback on your narrative and slides.
  • Rehearse with a great (honest) communicator -  a coach that is not afraid to speak up.
  • Make sure you articulate each point clearly.  Your audience should understand what’s magnificent about your big idea.
  • Practice with a clock counting upthe minutes, to know how much you're over. Only then trim it down.
  • Once you're within the timeframe, practice with a clock counting down.Know roughly where you should be at 6, 12 and 18 minutes.
  • Be noteworthy. Let your coach jot down what you say well and what you don’t. 
  • Don’t be camera shy. Talk to the camera like there are humans on the other side of it. Practice by videotaping yourself.
  • Do one more FULL timed rehearsal right before you walk on stage.
  • Pick two natural places you could stop in your talk, then demarcate those as possible endings. You can then stop at your first ending point if you run over your time.

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