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It is the study of disagreements.

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Types Of Story Endings

Human beings thrive on stories. From ancient oral storytelling to modern cinema, we have loved a good story.

Through centuries of storytelling through books and movies, it is learned that there are four basic ways of ending a story: Sweet, Bitter, Semi-sweet and Bittersweet.

Friends: The humour of the sitcom

Over the ten series, the sitcom about a group of 20- and 30-somethings in New York attracted scholarly analysis.

One of the striking things about Friends was the humour that depended on clever conversational devices. The scriptwriters used the unexpected in conversation.

Speaking up in meetings

Group meetings may feel intimidating. Speaking up in meetings is an opportunity to impact developing ideas, but it can also show up your ignorance in front of a large group.

But there are real advantages to speaking up.

  • You may influence ongoing events.
  • Your comments may prompt new ideas in your colleagues.
  • Speaking up gives other people a chance to get to know how you think.
... without making enemies:
  • Make sure you communicate you are not there to fight (using your tone of voice, for example).
  • Avoid making statements; instead, ask questions.
  • Defend yourself with confidence, but without coming across as antagonistic.
How To Win An Argument Without Making Enemies


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