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Narcisism & Self-esteem

We have to distinguish between healthy self-esteem and spiritual narcissism (the impresion of spiritual superiority)

Healthy self-esteem—comprising a positive evaluation of one’s self-worth & mastery— should emerge naturally & organically through the engagement of authentic mastery and positive relationships, rather than by pursuing self-esteem as the goal. 


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Self-Esteem in Dating and Politics

Dating profiles report more attraction towards the flashy narcissists who show off their 'sex-appeal' upfront. Even in politics, people tend to gravitate towards candidates who show positive self-esteem or narcissism.

A flashy attire, or showing off while dating is a trait o...

Self-Esteem Is A Flawed Mental Model

Self-esteem is a popular self-worth mental model, but it comes with an in-built competition of sorts and can become narcissism of the worst kind, crumbling down as soon as the person fails to achieve the goal.

Narcissists Will Catch Our Eye

Narcissists Will Catch Our Eye

In spite of the exhibitionism, arrogance, vanity and a massive superiority complex, narcissists seem attractive, and alluring to a large section of people.

This surprising outcome may be due to people confusing narcissism with positive self-worth and high self-esteem.

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