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How To Get Straight To The Point No Matter What You’re Trying To Say

How To Get Straight To The Point No Matter What You’re Trying To Say

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Know your message

Know your message

When you speak off-script, you may worry that you will go off on a tangent.

But getting straight to the point and sticking with it comes down to knowing your message. When you are sure of your message, you can change your words without ever losing the thread.

Six things every message needs

  1. It's one idea. Focus your idea on the one point you want your audience to buy into. Too many ideas will produce confusion.
  2. You can express it in a single, clear sentence. If your message is more than one sentence or a long sentence, your listeners won't "get it."
  3. It's engaging. Your message should engage the hearts and minds of your listeners. It means you know what your audience wants.
  4. It carries a message you believe in.
  5. It's positive. Your message should move the room in a hopeful direction.
  6. Ensure everyone can identify your message. "My view/point/message is..."

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