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In conclusion, Branding is the fundamental to your marketing strategy .


Your (digital) marketing approaches will change according to the modern standards along with present industry and cultural trends — however your BRANDING remains constant .

Branding and marketing

So the first thing is that branding and marketing is not the same, they are connected but not the same. From here most would ask, “so which one comes first?”

Confusion on branding and marketing?

Branding and Marketing go hand in hand, but there is a lot of confusion that marketing is part of branding or branding is part of marketing. They are not mutually exclusive and at the same time it is important to notice that they are separate aspects of business but they are connected . So if you price your branding budgets under your marketing budget then you wouldn’t do justice to your branding and vice versa.


Branding is Why .

Marketing is How .

Why : TOMS’ mission is to “help improve lives through business ” and it is ingrained in everything they do.

How : TOMS created the “One for One ®” model — for every shoe they sell, they would donate one to a child in need.


Branding is Macro .

Marketing is Micro .

Macro : Adidas aims to have all of their shoes and clothing to be made with recycled polyester by 2024. “We’ll deliver the same style, high-performance and durability while significantly reducing the impact on the environment.”

Micro : Adidas gave 200 global creators their first 100% recyclable shoe for beta testing. This initiative shows their commitment to sustainability and good environmental practices as they pledge to phase out plastic bags entirely.

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