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Experiments ending in failure are not failed experiments

Thomas Edison understood that an experiment that ended in failure was not a failed experiment, as long as constructive learning is gained in the process.

Failure-Free is a Myth

It's a myth that creative geniuses like Mozart or scientific geniuses like Darwin rarely failed. Creative geniuses fail often, but rather than stopping, they persevere.

If you want more success, you have to be prepared to shrug off more failure.


Early failure is crucial for successful innovation

The faster you find weaknesses during the innovation cycle, the faster you can improve.

Creative geniuses take more shots

Creative people do more experiements. Their "stroke of genius" don't come about because they succeed more often than others - they just make more attempts, so are more likely to succeed.

The lessons learned from failures may make us smarter—even stronger.


Facing failure wipes away our fears

Fear of failure holds us back from learning new skills, taking risks, and tackling new challenges. When we approach fear of failure head on, we can experience and learn new things.

Creative geniuses are not embarrassed by "failure"

Geniuses like Edison, the Wright brothers, and modern day creatives are not defensive or embarrased about using trial and error. If you ask any seasoned innovator, they will probably have a collection of "war stories" about failures before their success.

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