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The Problem With Longing For The Weekend

The Problem With Longing For The Weekend

It is okay to long for the weekend occasionally, like when it is Thursday and the week-long workload has been too much. But if one is dreading Monday on a Sunday evening, the work environment may be toxic.

The best jobs can exhaust us, but if the longing for the weekend is a regular feeling, we may need to find a new job profile that is not diminishing us.

Our Work-Life Balance

Whatever work we do, we should take a day or two off to restore our mental state and rejuvenate ourselves.

If we find ourselves sick or anxious at the end of a weekend in which we had a blast, the job may be the culprit. If the job requires us to work weekends or always be on call, with the boss hanging a sword on our head, maybe we need to reassess how our job role is affecting our work-life balance, and switch if necessary.

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