Four Types of People

Small critique: Fiskar's four types all have masculine titles. Obviously, people can be a part of the workforce regardless of gender.

  • Salary man — one source of invariable income
  • Working man — freelancer with variable income
  • Businessman — entrepreneur focused on profit
  • Renaissance man — generalist fairly independent of the marketplace
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Early Retirement Extreme

by Jacob Lund Fisker


  • Making up for lost time and health at the end of your life is not the only way to live
  • Your job title and what you buy do not need to be who you are
  • Teach yourself skills you were paying others to know
  • Health is a state of being, not a product you can buy from a doctor or insurance broker
  • "... An omnivore always has more options available when solving the problem of eating"
  • Strategy is a "web of actions" that will not fail when any one plan does
  • Shift focus from goals to how you set goals
  • Build skills for navigating lifestyles not skills specialized to a lifestlye

Products you purchase should have these qualities:

  • Low lifetime cost
  • Durability
  • Resale or exchange value
  • Transportablity
  • Ease of maintenance

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Smart retirement planning boils down to a few simple truths.
  • Time is on your side.  The earlier you start saving money, the more time you give compounding to work for you. 
  • Take risks when you're young.  Although stocks are three times more volatile than government bonds, it earns nearly twice the average annual return.
  • Don't pay high fees for fancy accounts. Every dollar paid to a fund manager is a dollar that can't compound. Index funds charge a fraction of an equity mutual fund because they don't hire high-priced investment managers to pick stocks.
  • It's not about retirement. Saving for retirement might be the goal, but following these steps could provide general financial security.
What early retirement means

Early retirement is not defined as when you stop working forever, but as having the freedom and flexibility that saving up enough money can give you if you want to leave a job.

The idea that when you retire, you are done working is an old school idea. Working is actually good for you. People that altogether quit working start losing their mental faculties and may die sooner.

How to Retire Early | The $50 a Day Early Retirement Strategy

3 Questions to Answer to Know How Much You Need to be Able to Retire

To figure out how much you need in order to retire, answer these questions:

  1. How long do you expect to live in retirement (early retirement = longer retirement)?
  2. What budget can you enjoy living on?
  3. How much income do you expect in retirement (Social Security, rental income, part-time work, annuities, etc.)?

Multiply by 28 the difference between answers 2 and 3. That's how much you'll need for regular retirement age. For early retirement, multiply by at least 33.

What Retirement Can You Actually Afford with $500k, $1 Million, or $2 Million in Assets?

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