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  • Human capital outweighs investment capital
  • As such, you can take aggressive risks
  • But, you are probably too risk-adverse
  • It's better to limit stock exposure to 50% until you know how you will react in a crash
  • If you can hold on, or even buy more while the market is down, increase your exposure
  • The most import thing is to save and invest like your life depends upon it
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The Ages of the Investor

by William J. Bernstein

  • Learn from the masters
  • Reverse engineer what works
  • "... we don’t have to be original in life" -- Green
  • Be ferocious and shameless in your cloning

"The investing business is not the same as investing in a business"

Forces that are not related to day-to-day business that can affect the price of stock:

  • Buying fervor and bull markets
  • Sell-offs, even marginal ones (~10%)
  • Speculation about future profits
  • Changes in dividend payouts
  • Performance of indirectly related stocks
  • Making up for lost time and health at the end of your life is not the only way to live
  • Your job title and what you buy do not need to be who you are
  • Teach yourself skills you were paying others to know
  • Health is a state of being, not a product you can buy from a doctor or insurance broker

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