Your strange voice on a recording

Your strange voice on a recording

Many people feel uncomfortable when they hear their own voice in audio recordings.

Your voice sounds deeper and richer when you speak but thinner and higher on recordings. The reason for the variance is this:

  • When listening to a recording of your voice, the sound travels through the air and into your ears.
  • When you speak, some sound travels through the air, but much of the sound is internally conducted through your skull bones and boosts the lower frequencies.
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Your voice on a recording really is a new voice. Because your voice is an integral part of self-identity, the mismatch between the voice you know and the voice you hear can be disturbing. You realise other people know your voice as something else.

Researchers found that patients with voice problems tended to rate the quality of their recorded voice more negatively than clinicians. If your inner self is criticising your voice on a recording device, you're probably judging yourself too harshly.

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Cats and dogs vision
  • If you take a flash picture of your cat or dog, their eyes will get an eerie glow. This is because a layer of their eyes reflects light to let them see small amounts of light more efficiently.
  • Cats and dogs are not colourblind. However, they appear to see the world in shades of blue and yellow. As predators, they don't need to see the difference between some similar shades.
  • Their vision would also be blurrier as they aren't built to process clear images.

How cats and dogs see the world

"Clean" cosmetic products  trend

Some of the ingredients in personal care products are not ideal.

"Clean Beauty" products list supposedly ethical qualities ranging from cruelty-free to fragrance-free to formaldehyde-free. But without regulations to back up the word "clean", the term "clean beauty" could be greenwashed.

Are ‘clean’ cosmetics better for us than other beauty products?

How "Fashion Week" Started

There are three ways of interpreting when each "fashion week" started.

  1. When fashion shows started to become assembled seasonally.
  2. When the phrase "fashion week" began to be used.
  3. When an organisation began organising these shows.

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