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Bitcoin ATM (BTM)

An automated teller machine (ATM or cashpoint) that allows the user to buy and sell Bitcoin.


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Don’t Risk More Than You Can Afford to Lose!

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What Is Opportunity Cost

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The impact of opportunity cost on personal and professional life

Evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of different choices

Understanding the concept of opportunity cost

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An initialism is another type of abbreviation similar to an acronym—but not exactly the same. Initialisms also use the first letter of each word in the phrase, but instead of combining the letters to form a new word, like with “NASA,” you pronounce each letter individually. Here...

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Bitcoin is a movement

Bitcoin isn't merely money and was never really meant as an investment. To its creators and followers, bitcoin has always been an ideological undertaking, more philosophy than finance.

The goal of bitcoin is to free repressed economies and to take down global banki...

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