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Managing Work Stress

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Managing Work Stress

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Automate to eliminate

Automate to eliminate

This is one of our favorite sayings. Take everything that might bog you down at work (think tasks like email, filling in spreadsheets and answering calls) and automate it. For example, if one of our top engineers are focusing too much on useless meetings, we might figure out a way to make those meetings shorter or use an application like Trello instead. If it can be eliminated, and therebry free up your day, try to automate it. Your day should be spent doing things only a human can-that's what makes you valuable. Leave the computer stuff to computers.


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How to increase your productivity?

How to increase your productivity?

Increased productivity is a positive outcome for all involved. When we understand what improving in efficiency can mean us,reduced stress and increased control, well‐being and focus – wr can then embrace the process and accept the benefits that can be gained.

Here are few simple steps to in...


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Jump start your Body.

Jump start your Body.

If you're one of the 100 million coffee lovers in the US this tip will come as no surprise caffeine can help you jumpstart your day and keep you awake during the post-lunch slump The other healthier option (for those of us who love coffee but only when it's drowned and milk and augar), try eating...


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Prioritize everything

Prioritize everything

There's no worse feeling than reaching the end of the workday and realizing you accomplished only a portion of what you had hoped to get done. At work, you're battling a number of distractions in fact. some experts consider the office one of the worst places to work (see Jason Frieds Ted Talk on ...


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Stop Multi Tasking.

Stop Multi Tasking.

Multitasking is the biggest lie we ve convinced ourselves we're capable of Studies show that when people try to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, they simply do a bad job at all of them. Instead, practice doop work. Doop work entails cutting out multitasking and focusing instead on one projec...


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Follow the 52/17 rule.

Follow the 52/17 rule.

Studies have shown that working for 52 minutes, followed by a 17 minute break, is the perfect formula for ultimate productivity. But make sure to leave your computer/work area for the whole break continuing to sit at your desk and halfway-work simply makes you less productive when you actually re...


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