10 Tips To Really Enjoy Vacations

  1. You’re more likely to relax if youtake more frequent vacations/year and dial down the expectations on each one.
  2. Family visits are more likely to result in a feeling of exhaustion. Prioritize your top 10 relationships for the year and find ways to interact with them year-round. 
  3. Getting more adventure on your daily lifewill take the pressure from your vacations to be adventurous making it more relaxing. 
  4. Spending some time outdoorsreminds us how small and insignificant most of our problems are.
  5.  A staycation– a vacation from work without the travel - will help with regulating your sleeping schedule.
  6. If you’re traveling don’t hop from place to place, instead try to immerse yourself in them more. 
  7. Plan in transitions. Leave home later and come home early, to ease back into your routine over the weekend. 
  8. Nearly all deadlines are arbitrary. Map out what needs to be done on your return and extend the deadlines around your holiday instead of trying to meet them all before you leave.
  9. Don’t over-plan and over-extend your vacations. 
  10. Find the time and space prior to it to focus on work without interruption so you can fulfill your workaholic needs and not feel like you left too much unfinished.

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The Workaholic's Vacation: 10 Tips to Really Relax - Everyday Bright

The Workaholic's Vacation: 10 Tips to Really Relax - Everyday Bright