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Starting A Difficult Task

Starting A Difficult Task

  • Getting good at starting a difficult task is a powerful skill to acquire, and if we can just start the task, half the battle is won already.
  • Fear, stress, uncertainty and a feeling of inadequacy make it hard to start a big task.

We need to shift our thinking and take the task as an opportunity, an adventure, a playground to do something useful and fun.


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It`s more important to know where you`re going than to get there quickly.

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Focus on starting

The skill to master is getting started. You don't have to exercise for half an hour; you only need to start.

Often, we're supposed to do a new habit, and we procrastinate, turn to distractions, and rationalize our resistance.

#1 Pursue a Life Task

#1 Pursue a Life Task

If you died today, there would be a task that you and only you could have completed. A piece of work that required your unique collection of experiences, knowledge, and strengths. 

If you are unaware of it - 

  • seek new experiences
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Effort makes a task less attractive

Mental effort is costly, so we generally prefer to work on an simple task rather than a hard task. We procrastinate more if we expect a certain task to be hard.

This happens because the more effort a task requires, the more someone stands to gain by putting the same amount of effort in...

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