• Commit to continuous learning: heading off to a career thinking you’ve learned all you needed to know for the next 40-50 years is a sure way to find yourself stuck in a position you cannot move beyond;
  • Be mindful of what you are good at: there are certain career fields each of us know we are not best suited for.
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Good leadership isn’t about being indispensable. It’s about helping others be prepared to possibly step into your shoes, giving them access to your own decision making, identifying the skills they need to develop and helping them improve, and being honest with them about why they’re not ready for the next step.

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Strategies for Keeps
  • Pick one goal for your business to improve focus and decision-making.
  • Optimise the first item in a funnel that has cascading effect to the entire funnel
  • Work hard to understand the 20% of your customer.
  • Create high margin products that bring 80% of all profits.
  • When assessing risk, recognise not all risks are equal.

The Pareto Principle


  • Having a clarity of purpose enables us to succeed in our endeavor.
  • When we have success, we gain a reputation as a “go-to” person and we are presented with increased options and opportunities.
  • Having many options and opportunities translates into demands upon our time and energy and leads to diffused efforts.
  • We become distracted from what would otherwise be our highest level of contribution. The effect of our success has been to undermine the very clarity that led to our success in the first place.

Environments today are not “kinder” but are “wicked” and hence overspecialization is not going to help us succeed. Modern work demands applying knowledge in new situations and domains.

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