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What Are The Best Goals To Set?

There is no one size fits all answer. Having the goal to be a billionaire might work for some (I really wouldn’t recommend it as it’s more of a dream than a goal anyway). For others, like Spur Planners for example, the goal is to help 1 million people improve their ability to reach their goals.

The best goals are those that mean something to you, that you have a real desire to achieve and a commitment that will drive you on when times get tough.

Consider the following: Passion, emotional connection, your strengths and finally, your values. Your goals need to align with these.


What Are The Best Goals To Set - Spur Planners


What Is The Point Of Goals?

The point of goals is to help you focus on a change you want to make.

Making change in your life is the easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to do. Well set goals give you the road-map to achieve the change you want.

Then you can put in the Stepping Stones (check out spurplanners.com if you don't know what Stepping Stones are) to guide you action by action to your goals.

In very simple terms: What is the point of goals? To guide you step by step to live the life you want to lead.


What Is The Point Of Goals? - Spur Planners


Set Simple Goals And Achieve Quickly

Let’s break down how easy it really is to set simple goals that you can achieve;

  1. Start fairly small to build momentum and confidence in the process
  2. Your goals must be personal to you
  3. Be clear on the areas of your life you most want to improve
  4. Don’t set too many. Three is usually a good maximum
  5. Use the SMART method to help you define your goal(s).

You are all done. You have set simple goals.


How To Set Simple Goals - Spur Planners


Make Big Goals Easy To Achieve

Write down your big goal – e.g. I want to be fit enough to run 10km. 

Break this down into smaller self contained goals such as;

  • Nutrition
  • Equipment
  • Building stamina

Break each of those goals into simple daily tasks to complete. For building stamina these could be;

  • Week 1: walk 1km everyday
  • Week 2: jog/walk 1km everyday
  • Week 3: jog/walk 2km 5 times a week
  • Week 4: jog (no walking) 2km 5 times a week, and so on

That big goal is now just a series of simple tasks.

I call this 'Stepping Stones'. Try it on any goal.



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3 Steps To Better Time Management

Improving your time management can be done in three simple steps.

Review - review how you spend your time now for at least a week. Any more than 5 minutes spent on an activity should be recorded.

Remove - remove or reduce any periods of unproductive time. This may be hours lost scrolling on social media or getting drawn into boxset marathons.

Replace - replace that unproductive time with focused blocks of activity to achieve your goals.



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