If sentences have enough life and interest in them, they will hold the reader's attention as it moves along.

A good lesson for any writer is to make each sentence worth reading, leading the reader to the following sentence. Write not only in sentences but write with sentences.

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The instrumental complaint is used to solve problems - for example, confronting your partner about overspending. This type of complaint focuses on the impact of the problem and creating a plan for change.

Guide for complaining:

  • Limit your complaining to avoid dampening moods.
  • Complain only when you can affect real and positive change.
  • Consider if a different strategy to complaining will work.
  • Limit your exposure to complaining.
  • Large groups having a ‘social music’ experience lead to big changes related to closeness and bonding.
  • Music also releases dopamine, which regulates our mood and is a big reason music has been eternally popular.
  • Music, apart from being a common way to experience pleasure, also works in creating a sense of group identity, cementing its place in social gatherings and families.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to language learning.

Available language methods:

  • Textbooks with written exercises.
  • An all-audio method like Language Transfer.
  • An online language course taught by an expert teacher.
  • A language tutor, where you book online lessons through Italki.
  • Apps such as Duolingo, Memrise and Babbel, vocabulary-building apps such as Drops, a spaced-repetition app like Anki, or Lingualism.
  • Lexilogos offers courses, dictionaries and resources.
  • The Open University offers a free course on how to learn a language.
  • YouTube and podcasts.

We all see product and service makers ask for ratings, feedback and check-ins in order to improve their service better.

A business writing can also follow the same user-experience feedback process to improvise their content, clarity or tone.

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