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Types of Complaining

Types of Complaining


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Types of Complaining

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The psychology of complaining

Complaining means expressing dissatisfaction with a negative situation: bad weather, poor economic performance, interfering in-laws.

There are different types of complainers:

  • Chronic complainers: Those who never seem to be satisfied.
  • Venters: They are focused on expressing their own emotional dissatisfaction. By showing anger or frustration, they are seeking attention so that they feel validated.

One major downside to complaining is that it dampens everyone's mood.


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The instrumental complaint is used to solve problems - for example, confronting your partner about overspending. This type of complaint focuses on the impact of the problem and creating a plan for change.

Guide for complaining:

  • Limit your complaining to avoid dampening moods.
  • Complain only when you can affect real and positive change.
  • Consider if a different strategy to complaining will work.
  • Limit your exposure to complaining.


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