Problem Solving


The Precautionary Principle prompts us to question our intuitions about the right decisions. The principle was first applied to regulations in Germany for preventing air pollution. It consists of two core components in German environmental law:

  • Preventing risks: Legislators shouldn't take action if knowledge of the potential environmental damage is incomplete or uncertain.
  • Protecting resources: The burden of proof rests on proving lack of harm, not on proving harm. Some countries use the principle to justify bans on genetically modified food.
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Problem Solving


Instead of rejecting ideas right away, it helps to delay the decision regarding which idea to work on, and which ones to put in the wastebasket. Have people rate your ideas and get a signal about what is worth working on.

An abstract idea, if given thought and further brainstorming, can gain legs and become exciting, something to pursue on. Thinking about ideas that might fail may seem counterintuitive, but can be the pathway towards a trillion-dollar project.

  • All leaders have to be good readers, not to impress people, but to be better at their role.
  • The knowledge that makes us better is worth knowing.
  • One does not have 20 lifetimes to do trail and error with life, and needs to stand on the shoulder of giants.

We rarely achieve the ideal. The more complicated a situation, the more people it involves, the more variables and dependencies that exist, the more unlikely it will work out perfectly.

The problem is that while there are many possible outcomes for any given endeavour, we only consider the best case. While it might come to pass, you're better off preparing for the likelihood that it won't.

  1. Choose the right information sources, moving towards joy and positivity.
    2. Avoid conversations that drain us and move towards stimulating ones.
  2. Cut back on the harmful, useless, negative and time-wasting social media content, unfollowing the toxic people.
  3. Start a journal and reflect on your personal growth and learning journey.
  4. Try to enjoy life and have fun, as much can be learned through play.

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