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The Lost Art Of Reading

  • There is not secret of reading more, and the only way is to just do it. It is like eating, a non-negotiable activity of our lives.
  • Still we need to find the motivation, the justification and the time to do what we should be doing anyway.
  • The problem is compounded in the last decade as the world gets more and more distractional.


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The Reasons To Read More

  1. Reading is our moral duty: We read because knowledge is power. We become weak and are easily manipulated if we don’t read.
  2. Reading is a way to see the future: The truth is old and preserved in most classic books, which is rehashed and repackaged into newer formats and writing styles to suit the modern generation.
  3. Reading makes you learn from the past: According to stoics, it is inexcusable to not learn from the past.
  4. Reading makes us an informed citizen: If you want to know what is going on in the world, read biographies, stoicism and psychology books. Go deep and find the real truth, instead of hanging on to the latest news spin.
  5. Reading softens your solitude: A library is a whispering post, a place where the voices of the greats are longing to get in your head, and even if you are alone, you can listen to them and be part of the greatest conversations in the world.
  6. Books are our true friends: Books are always there, not shouting or yelling at us. They quietly offer profound knowledge without asking anything in return, and they help us create imaginative worlds in our minds.


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Reading Makes You Functionally Literate

  • One is not really educated if the habit of reading is absent from their lives.
  • To not avail yourself of the treasure of knowledge is stupid.
  • To not take advice and valuable lessons and not apply them in your profession is often a costly mistake.


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Reading Solves Problem

Our problems seem special and insurmountable, but they are petty and common. Most of them are already solved in the various books around us.

Reading is a conversation with the greatest people: Books are our conversations with Shakespeare, Lincoln, Einstein, and many others we wish to speak with. They are waiting for us, even after death, to sit and have a dialogue.


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All Leaders Are Readers

  • All leaders have to be good readers, not to impress people, but to be better at their role.
  • The knowledge that makes us better is worth knowing.
  • One does not have 20 lifetimes to do trail and error with life, and needs to stand on the shoulder of giants.


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Seven Ways To Read More

  1. Read first thing in the morning: Avoid social media and pick a good book.
  2. Read without haste or hurry, maybe just a page a day.
  3. Have a book with you always, and read while to commute or eat.
  4. Read while you relax to nourish your brain.
  5. Find a repository of ideas, quotes, anecdotes or observations, or make one.
  6. Read great books from the masters again and again: They change shape and colour, impacting your mind in different ways as you grow.
  7. Understand that you have ample time to read. If you don’t have time, you need to read why.


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