Problem Solving


Memory can be built and recalled easily by creating a physical visualization of objects and actions that we can easily remember.

For example, we can vividly visualize a room(inside our mind), and mentally place objects in that room in different corners, like a cow to remember buying milk, or a car with the gas tank leaking to remember to fill it up.

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Problem Solving


When distraction is just a click away, it is hard to learn something. Time is a huge barrier to progress, but it is our choices of where we put our attention and effort that really impacts our learning.

The way out of this is to suspend all activities we normally spend our time on, like the TV, smartphones, games, and social media. Then slowly reintroduce the ones we cannot live without. This way we will have plenty of time to accommodate learning.

Delayed gratification at its core isn’t about self-control, but about managing our emotions.

If we look at credit card debt, consumer loans, the drug addiction epidemic, obesity levels, and problems with mental health, it is evident that delaying gratification is hard for most of us.

  • Practice grayscale thinking. This means that the world isn’t just seen in black and white. It means opening your mind to the possibility that there could be more answers than just yes or no.
  • Overcome resistance to change by experimenting. We have a tendency to stick with what is familiar even if it really isn’t the best option.
  • Recognize that you always have more to learn. To have an experimental mindset, you must be willing to see what others are doing better. Take their insight and use it to create your own solutions. 
  • Outcome feedback: this tells you something about how well you’re doing overall but offers no ideas as to what you’re doing better or worse.
  • Informational feedback: this feedback tells you what you’re doing wrong, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you how to fix it.
  • Corrective feedback: the best kind of feedback to get is corrective feedback. This is the feedback that shows you not only what you’re doing wrong but how to fix it.

by Scott Young

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