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Watch your habits, they become character and watch your character, it becomes your destiny.






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Memory And Location: The Method Of Loci

Our sense of sight aids our memory using location, placement, direction and other visual and space elements, something known as Spatial memory.

We automatically start to build spatial memories from a very young age, recollecting the layouts of places and how they relate to the physical objects around them.

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Problem Solving


"One skill you want to master in this day and age we live in, if you want to have an extraordinary life, is the ability to learn rapidly."

  • Your environment: be aware of what environment you work best in, and test it. Multitasking may feel like fun, but it’s unsuitable for ultralearning.
  • The task you’re trying to learn: certain activities, due to their nature, are harder to focus on than others.
  • Your mind: negative emotions, restlessness, and daydreaming can be some of the biggest obstacles to focus.

by Scott Young


.. is when you trade your present happiness with a greater amount of happiness in the future.

  • Most religions discovered that it is a virtue to delay your pleasures, and saving up on resources.
  • Delayed gratification, or sacrificing today for a better tomorrow is one of the foundations of our civilization.
  • It works because the benefits of delaying, saving or not consuming something add up.
  • Eating healthy today, investing in the business for long-term gains.
  • For the young, studying right now (instead of a party) to have a better life in the future is delayed gratification.
The Experimental Mindset

It means looking at the world differently. Any successful person you see didn’t get there by doing the same old thing. They innovated. They adapted. They changed. Rather than thinking “Well, that’s just how it is,” you instead think “what can I do to make it better?”

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