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The first synthetic plastics, made using fossil fuels instead of plants or animals, came out in 1929. Polystyrene, polyester and polythene were some of the derivatives of synthetic plastics, driven mainly by the war industry.

Petrochemical companies then targeted the mass market with products like Tupperware and for bottling soft drinks and milk.

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Self Improvement

Many famous beauty bloggers and influencers, for example, use makeup as a way to express themselves creatively rather than associate with femininity.

Studies reveal that gender to be a type of performance taken on by a person in how they express their identity. When makeup and cosmetics are brought into the conversation of that performance, the stereotype or ideation that cosmetics are feminine are transgressed as a means of expressing the personalization of one's gender identity.

Gender Identity: How the cosmetics industry is seeing more men wearing makeup


  • Misattribution. This sin is the correct recollection of information but connected to the wrong source. We may even think we are the source or may recall events that never happened.
  • Suggestibility. Our memory is vulnerable to misinformation caused by leading questions or deception from other people. This can lead to false memories.
  • Bias. Our current beliefs or feelings can retrospectively distort our memory.
  • Persistence. We want to forget, but our brain wants to hold on to the memory—for example, trauma, a mistake or an embarrassing moment.

The Sins of Memory - Ness Labs


  1. Healthy guilt occurs when you break a reasonable rule, but if you break an unrealistic or unreasonable rule, you experience unhealthy guilt.
  2. If someone is upset, it does not necessarily mean they are really hurt by your behaviour.
  3. Unhealthy guilt often comes with a lingering shame.
  4. The purpose of healthy guilt is to guide you, but unhealthy guilt is there to punish and mentally abuse you.

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It is important to create a particular spot in your home that you can associate with clearing your mind and spacing out.

It can be as simple as a chair near a window or gathering your favourite objects onto a single table or shelve.

How to make your home and workspace fuel your creativity


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