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Plastics: A Primer
  • Plastics are so common now that we cannot imagine life without them.
  • The first use of plastics can be seen by the Olmecs in Mexico, playing a rubber ball in 1500 BCE.
  • Polymers, the main component of all plastics, are made of carbon by a process of replicating the extremely long molecule by reacting it to itself.

Natural polymers are also made of other components like rubber, silicone and even DNA.

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Self Improvement

A brief history of plastics, natural and synthetic


Brands aim to be more gender inclusive

Today, many brands are acknowledging a need for gender fluidity in cosmetics; this means cosmetics brands can market to an entirely new demographic, resulting in an increase in sales).

Historically, makeup was never something associated with gender in the first place. In Ancient Egypt, for example, the use of eyeliner and other cosmetics was a sign of wealth—usually one that men donned to signal their status to passerby’s and strangers. In more recent history, people in the LGBTQ+ community have always used makeup as a way to connect with femininity and identity in a way they could not without it.

Gender Identity: How the cosmetics industry is seeing more men wearing makeup


Memories are often unreliable

Our memory is part of what makes us human. But it's far from perfect.

Psychologists are investigating the seven categories of memory. Three involve forgetting, and four involve a faulty memory. As with many cognitive biases, the first step is awareness.

The Sins of Memory - Ness Labs


Guilt Gone Wrong

Guilt is a normal emotion and at the right levels can be useful in our relationships, but unhealthy guilt has high levels of anxiety, pressure and shame associated with it, which can be toxic to our lives.

Guilt occurs when certain rules are broken. While some rules are universal and need to be upheld, there are certain rules which are self-made or imposed by society:

  1. Don’t disappoint others.
  2. Never get angry.
  3. Always say Yes.

How to save yourself another pointless guilt trip | Psyche Guides


Hans Hofmann

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Tiny Changes You Can Make in Your Home to Make Life Simpler


Goals Vs Systems

A goal is a destination, a system in the journey to get there:

  • Goals are one-time events: you reach them and then you're done.
  • Systems represent the way you're reaching your objectives: the processes you follow regularly that lead you in the direction of your goal.

For example: losing 30 pounds is a goal, exercising and eating the right way represent the system.

Action isn’t the effect of motivation, but the cause of it

It is often believed that action needs to be preceded by motivation, which is preceded by inspiration. Not at all. It's the opposite: Action provides the Inspiration that gets you Motivated.

Your actions create the emotional reactions to motivate your future actions.Not the other way around.

The "Do Something" Principle


Budget is usually an issue for people working in creative fields, making it difficult to get everything they want from real estate or a roommate.

Consider which requirements you cannot live without in your new space. Also, keep in mind that stepping out of your comfort zone can inspire new ideas and personal breakthroughs.

How to make your home and workspace fuel your creativity


The Science Of Cute

Traits such as big eyes, fuzziness, and having pudgy bodies, we tend to often find them cute and adorable. From babies to baby animals, it's hard not to be excited when we see them; this is only natural due to how our bodies are programmed.

Our brains are filled with "feel-good chemicals" whenever we see something cute. We often find ourselves in gigil. This is also known as cuteness aggression.

Benefiting of scaling down your goals

Research suggests that fewer goals are better. When we start a goal, feeling that it's doable is important. The compound effect of fewer goals is more powerful because it leads to outsized achievements.

When we read inspirational posts, we may feel inspired to expand our goals and achieve more - learning to speak Mandarin, playing the guitar, or starting a blog. It can result in an overwhelming list of unattainable goals.

Scaling down: on seeking fewer goals, relationships, and experiences



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