Self Improvement


It’s not enough to show up (at work, in our relationships, or for our goals). Attendance alone won’t turn the tide. No one aced the exam because they showed up.

Instead, we must show up with unbridled enthusiasm. If 90 percent of success is showing up, enthusiasm, perhaps then, is the other 10 percent.

Having enthusiasm is easier said than done, of course. We all “go through the motions” at times and question our motivation. Is this goal still important to me? Is this what I want?

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Self Improvement

Star Trek  - Communicators
  • The mobile phone. In Star Trek, the communicator was often used to communicate back to the USS Enterprise. In 1973, the first mobile phone was invented by Martin Cooper.
  • The universal translator. To understand galactic foreigners, Star Trek characters used a universal communicator. Now products like Sourcenext's Pocketalk and Skype's new voice translation service can provide instant translation between languages.

Welcome to the future: ideas that went from science fiction to reality


  1. Bring self-compassion in your experience, by practising resilience, honesty and self-motivation.
  2. Trusting yourself and your natural emotions instead of condemning them. You need to be kind to yourself.
  3. Imagining what your mentor, or the wisest person you know, or your idol would do in your(difficult) situation, and see how the response is different.

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Ways To Cope With Other People's Clutter
  • Focus on your own clutter - it's never your responsibility to take care of other people's clutter. It's important to keep in mind that we have our own responsibilities.
  • Have a conversation - It's important to raise awareness of an issue that is concerning to you. Let the other person know that you'd prefer if their clutter were organized.
  • Set boundaries - Focus on your own but if theirs crosses a line, it's crucial to set limitations as to how much of their mess you can handle
  • Do it yourself- Sometimes putting a little bit of elbow grease never hurts and hopefully, your habits will rub off on the other person.
  • Make a game out of it - Cleaning and organizing is fun when there's a challenge mixed into it. Put some house music on and challenge them to a decluttering competition and prepare prizes if possible.
  • Be happy - Remember that it's about handling your belongings in a way that your home's energy is vibrant and flowing.

Other People's Clutter


Systems And Goals

When we are working towards a goal, it is crucial to building a system that will eventually make you reach it. Systems are self-driven daily behaviours that guide and remind you towards what’s really important, and how not to get lost in life.

There isn’t anyone system that is built for an individual, and no two goals are alike. Our upbringing and preferences are different and unique. For example, if common knowledge says one should work in the morning, it may or may not apply to us.

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