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We left the natural world behind and created our own. We made the objects that surround us. And in doing so, we often neglected beauty in favor of functionality, cost, or efficiency.

But humans don't like monotony. Research shows that we keep focusing on details and ornaments in architecture while brushing quickly over black walls. They are no fun to look at and they actually make us miserable.

Surroundings that are aesthetically pleasing to us can improve our well-being, behavior, cognitive function, and mood.

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Self Improvement

Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy – Beauty Explained

Bring some medicines, just in case you'll need any of them during your international relocation or right upon arrival to your new home.

You need to be prepared even for the worst-case scenario, so do pack some medicines that might come in handy in case you catch a cold or have a headache. If you take some medication regularly, bring at least a two months’ supply in case you can’t find those particular drugs in the new country.

  • Slow down. From the minute we wake up, we are often in a hurry. Take a mental break to slow yourself down, for example, walking slower or getting your lunch ready slowly.
  • Keep your rituals. Writing, Painting. Trivia on Tuesdays with your friends. Rituals are small promises that we're doing things to keep our emotional house clean with joy.
  • Consciously decide to have "No Podcast" moments while commuting, cooking, cleaning or exercising. Letting your mind wander while focusing on a repetitive task isn't a bad thing.
  • Go to the movies alone, where you focus on a film and nothing else.
  • Going to the sauna is the closest feeling to a long meditation session.
  • Take a weekend break alone. Focusing on the scenery, observing the people and being aware of where you are is very calming for the mind.
  • Play a videogame. It can help you into an intensely focussed, meditative state.
  • Draw or paint.
  • Write.
  • Play music.
  • Exercise.
  • In Brazil, the weeklong Carnival festivities show colourful European, African and native traditions.
  • In Canada, Quebec City hosts the Quebec Winter Carnival.
  • In Italy, Venice's Carnevale is famous for its masquerade balls.
  • The German celebration, known as Karneval, Fastnacht or Fasching, includes parades, costume balls, and a tradition that empowers women to cut off men's ties.
  • Denmark's Fastevlan let children dress up and gather candy.

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