No, you don’t have to Meditate to be Happier or More Successful. - Deepstash
No, you don’t have to Meditate to be Happier or More Successful.

No, you don’t have to Meditate to be Happier or More Successful.

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Meditation Anxiety

Meditation Anxiety

Most productivity or business books, podcasts, conferences or TED talks have the same solution to being more successful and happier: meditate for twenty minutes once or twice a day.

But meditation as a practice doesn't always work with where we currently are in our lives. We may be too excited and optimistic to sit still or even too young. There are also other ways to ensure we are not always in a reactionary mode.


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Alternatives to Meditation

  • Consciously decide to have "No Podcast" moments while commuting, cooking, cleaning or exercising. Letting your mind wander while focusing on a repetitive task isn't a bad thing.
  • Go to the movies alone, where you focus on a film and nothing else.
  • Going to the sauna is the closest feeling to a long meditation session.
  • Take a weekend break alone. Focusing on the scenery, observing the people and being aware of where you are is very calming for the mind.
  • Play a videogame. It can help you into an intensely focussed, meditative state.
  • Draw or paint.
  • Write.
  • Play music.
  • Exercise.


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