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Traditionally making a movie was a multimillion-dollar affair. The equipment was hard to get because it was so expensive.

These days, everyone owns an iPhone. Some apps allow you to use your iPhone as a mic pack. The democratisation of technology, together with online platforms willing to share their work with the world, can help any indie auteur see their own visions realised.

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Self Improvement


Committing to doing something you know will be hard, paradoxically, often results in an easier time than opting for something that seems easy.

When you take on a hard goal, you naturally make room for it. A goal that pretends to be easy doesn’t require those adjustments, so they’re rarely made. Instead, they squeeze down on everything else in your life until those other things start pushing back.

The invention of the computer, microprocessor, and the internet has created a major digital transformation to books. E-books (electronic books) have become common.

However, nothing can change the fact that a book in any form - physical books, e-books or audiobooks, remains a pleasure.

Freud and Jung felt that people needed to have a means to redirect the natural drive of aggression.

Listening to a true crime story can give you more than fantasizing about a kickboxing class. Yet, you also want to distance yourself from the criminal. You want to reassure yourself that you are not like that.

  • Mars has captivated people since we first saw the reddish hue object in the night sky. In the late 1800s, telescopes revealed a surface full of patterns and landforms thought to be a bustling Martian civilisation.
  • Now, we know there are no constructions on Mars. However, the toxic planet we see today might have once been as habitable as Earth.
  • Only uncrewed spacecraft have made a trip to the red planet. NASA is hoping to land the first humans on Mars by the 2030s.

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