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Film credits often have producers, creative producers, executive producers, and similar titles that can confuse a layperson. Here is a quick primer:

  1. The Executive Producer is the one who invested all the money in the project.
  2. The Producer is more in line with the director's vision, and is there to solve real-world problems during production.
  3. The Line Producer runs the operation of the film production, working with payroll, insurance and vendors.
  4. The Creative Producer works directly with the director and hatches ideas, creative elements and creative collaborators that make or break the movie.
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Self Improvement


Musical theory: a tool to understand music

Music theory will give you a better understanding of music. It is not a set of rules but a tool to help you understand, create, and communicate music.

The best is to learn music fundamentals first. The building blocks of musical compositions include:

  • Harmony - When multiple notes play at the same time to produce a harmonious new sound.
  • Melody - Notes in succession that are arranged into a musical phrase.
  • Rhythm - A recurring movement of notes and rests and a pattern of strong and weak notes.
Craters On The Moon
  • The 17th century saw Galilieo exploring the moon using his telescope, wondering how craters were formed.
  • Two centuries later, astronomers like Franz von Gruithuisen proposed that asteroids were responsible for the same, a theory that was rejected.
  • The perfect circular shape of the moon’s craters misled scientists into believing these are mountains. Later the Russian astronomer Nikolai Morozov concluded through a series of experiments that the craters were indeed formed by asteroids.

Religions are divisions, making people separate from others. Most religions follow the concept of belief, that the truth is already there and you simply have to believe in it.

These religions have imposed beliefs, doctrines and sets of ideas that are supposed to be holding the truth, and some even have deities and other entities with divine power that supposedly protect us from the harsh truths of life: uncertainty, impermanence, death and change. These harsh truths are paradoxically essential for understanding life.

Emotional contagion is linked to many psychological studies on social behaviour.

  1. Anger at the workplace has been linked to more workplace accidents and cognitive errors.
  2. Taking breaks from social media leads to a positive effect, as there is less social comparison and less of negative exposure.
  3. The 1967 ‘Summer Of Love’ in the United States was a series of large gatherings of young people spreading peace, love and generosity, leading to positive emotional contagion.

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