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Film credits often have producers, creative producers, executive producers, and similar titles that can confuse a layperson. Here is a quick primer:

  1. The Executive Producer is the one who invested all the money in the project.
  2. The Producer is more in line with the director's vision, and is there to solve real-world problems during production.
  3. The Line Producer runs the operation of the film production, working with payroll, insurance and vendors.
  4. The Creative Producer works directly with the director and hatches ideas, creative elements and creative collaborators that make or break the movie.
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Self Improvement

Finally Understand in 5min the Difference Between a Producer, an Executive Producer & a Line Producer


Musical theory: a tool to understand music

Music theory will give you a better understanding of music. It is not a set of rules but a tool to help you understand, create, and communicate music.

The best is to learn music fundamentals first. The building blocks of musical compositions include:

  • Harmony - When multiple notes play at the same time to produce a harmonious new sound.
  • Melody - Notes in succession that are arranged into a musical phrase.
  • Rhythm - A recurring movement of notes and rests and a pattern of strong and weak notes.

Basic Music Theory for Beginners - The Complete Guide – Icon


Craters On The Moon
  • The 17th century saw Galilieo exploring the moon using his telescope, wondering how craters were formed.
  • Two centuries later, astronomers like Franz von Gruithuisen proposed that asteroids were responsible for the same, a theory that was rejected.
  • The perfect circular shape of the moon’s craters misled scientists into believing these are mountains. Later the Russian astronomer Nikolai Morozov concluded through a series of experiments that the craters were indeed formed by asteroids.

How to Survive a Killer Asteroid


Making Your Habits Stick

To make any habit stick in the long-term (keystone or not), do it regularly. 

The more often you do the habit, the more you'll get used to it, and eventually, you'll do it without thinking—the definition of a habit.

Keystone Habits: Improve All Areas of Your Life with One Small Habit


Alan Watts: Spiritual Entertainer

Alan Watts was not confined to a single label and wasn’t even an expert in what he philosophized. His various recordings and books related to Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen and Taoism, however, he wasn’t an academic or a monk, not following any system rigidly.

He called himself a spiritual entertainer, though his unorthodox style, a flamboyant life and other unique traits made him one of the leading philosophers of the 21st century.

Alan Watts on The 5 Most Important Lessons of The 21st Century


  • Leaders tend to spread emotions in a powerful, widespread manner at the workplace, with negative emotional contagion being more contagious and also common.
  • One needs to be aware of the toxic and mentally draining nature of certain coworkers and avoid contact with them.
  • If the whole workplace is toxic, and the emotional exhaustion is unbearable, one can think of leaving the job as well.
  • Try to balance the negative by deploying positive emotional boosters.
  • We can also be nice to fellow workers, diner waitresses, or other people serving us, who may have had a rough day.

Emotional Contagion: The Social Power of Emotions Explained


The first electric Christmas lights
  • Edward Hibberd Johnson hired Edison in 1871, and later invested in Edison's Lamp Company to sell bulbs, even though widespread electrification was still decades away.
  • In 1882, in New York City, Edward Hibberd Johnson had an idea. While flickering flames were festive on a Christmas tree, they were also a fire hazard.
  • He strung 80 red, white and blue light bulbs together around a tree that he set up by the street-side window of his parlour. He then placed the trunk on a revolving pedestal and powered it all with a generator.
  • Then he called a reporter.

Untangling the History of Christmas Lights


During this holiday season, it is easy to feel disconnected from everyone because of the protocols needed to follow. Fortunately, there are many apps we can use to keep connected with our friends and our loved ones.

We can still create the feeling of togetherness by promoting a safe space to be vulnerable, for asking non-invasive personal questions, and really getting to know our social circle.

You Don’t Need to Be Cheerful Just Because It’s the Holidays


Sci-Fi’s Influence On Technology

Science fiction, by definition, is science that isn’t real. But looking beyond the fantastical elements there are some very innovative ideas, a lot of which have had a real influence on modern technology. Here are some examples:

  • Star Trek: The motion Picture predicted the Internet as embodied in the movie by the all-enveloping sentient machine ‘V’Ger’.
  • Ready Player One predicted VR technology and virtual workplaces.
  • Total Recall predicted self-driving cars.
  • iRobot predicted self-driving cars that would allow the driver to take over too.
  • Minority Report predicted interactive augmented reality now being commercialized as wearable pair of glasses.
  • Back to the Future predicted the self-tying shoes.

How Science Fiction Movies Have Influenced Technology


  • The term "midlife crises" was coined in 1965, and reflects the dawning recognition of one's mortality where death becomes a personal matter.
  • According to Elliot Jaques, the key achievement of middle age is to move beyond youthful idealism to a constructive acceptance.
  • Other explanations are that it is when children may be leaving home, when chronic illnesses often make their first appearance, or when workplace demands may be peaking.

Is the 'midlife crisis' a real thing?



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