Motivated Progress


Mistake #1 Not defining what “success” means to you

How will you notice you’ve reached your goal of being successful if you don’t realize what that entails? If you don’t take the time to define what success means for you, then you won’t know what you need to work on every day.

How do you define success? Describe, in detail, your own definition of success, not your friend’s or your parent’s versions.

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Motivated Progress


11. Regretting the past

Don’t dwell on what could have been. Any thought that starts with “I should of” is going to tear down your happiness.

These thoughts are harmful to your mental health, and they accomplish nothing. The only thing you have control over is what you do from now on. So, when a regretful thought comes up, shut it down immediately.

Perfect Nap = 20 minutes

The National Sleep Foundation recommends a snooze lasting 20 to 30 minutes. That’s long enough to grab a dose of that energizing Stage 2 sleep, without the risk of being plunged into the slow-wave sleep that can make you groggy.

A famous 1994 NASA study found that long-haul pilots who napped for 25.8 minutes were 50% more alert than their non napping counterparts and performed 34% better on certain tasks.

Are you ready to get self-actualized?

Self-actualizing can be a challenge if you’re already going through a demanding time. But luckily, it’s still possible!

3. Learn from failure

Every time you make a mistake, there’s a lesson to learn. It doesn’t mean you suck at life!

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