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Mistake #1 Not defining what “success” means to you

How will you notice you’ve reached your goal of being successful if you don’t realize what that entails? If you don’t take the time to define what success means for you, then you won’t know what you need to work on every day.

How do you define success? Describe, in detail, your own definition of success, not your friend’s or your parent’s versions.

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Motivated Progress

These Mistakes Will Destroy Your Chance for Success ⋆ Motivated Progress


Find out why you’re avoiding the task

“Often, just by taking action, by doing something about the situation can relieve the stress and help correct the situation.”
– Catherine Pulsifer

  • What negative thoughts do you have about the task?
  • Is it too daunting? Too risky? Too difficult?

8 Fool-proof Ways You Can Defeat Procrastination ⋆ Motivated Progress


1. Denying your habits

Denying your problems in hopes that they’ll disappear over time is a terrible habit. While time does help to ease the pain, deep down, it still hurts because it’s not solved.

11 Toxic Mental Habits That Crush Your Well-Being ⋆ Motivated Progress


Self-actualized people

Self-actualized people are extraordinary and different from the rest of society. They’re confident, joyful, creative, independent, and free. These people flow with life instead of resisting or fighting against it. Above all, they bask in the phenomenal feeling of reaching their highest potential.

9 Steps to Be Self-Actualized and Reach Your Potential ⋆ Motivated Progress


1. Get to the root of the fear of failure

Write down what in the past caused you to be afraid to fail. Now, look back at this situation and realize that failing is okay.

How to Triumph Over Your Fear of Failure ⋆ Motivated Progress


1. Decide what you want.

First, you’ll need to figure out what goals would make yourself and your life better. What is it that kills you inside every day? How can you solve this?

Do you want to start a company? Move to a new state? Lose some weight? Do you want to declutter your house or office? So, grab a notebook and brainstorm for a few minutes. Whatever you think would improve your life, write it down in detail.

How to Gain Unstoppable Persistence for Your Goals ⋆ Motivated Progress


Life is one of the most amazing things in the universe and you’re incredibly lucky to be here right now. So, take advantage of it!

However, if you don’t have goals, you’ll default to focusing on things that don’t matter. You’ll depress yourself with negative thinking or engage in drama with others.

Whether you want to learn a new skill, improve your personality, or strengthen relationships, your goals will determine if it happens. When you don’t have them, you’ll spend time watching those who do, while your life slips away.

Why You Need Goals to Be Happy and How to Reach Them


Challenge your memory with something new

You can improve your memory by learning new things. Your brain is like a muscle because it gets stronger with exercise. When you’re learning something new, you’re giving your mind the challenge it needs to develop.

So, ask yourself, what have you’ve always wanted to learn? Choose something new and challenging. It should also be rewarding and allow you to progress from novice to expert.

For example, learn a new language, photography, guitar, or take martial arts classes. Try anything you haven’t done before, and that isn’t too easy because you have to push yourself to grow. After you master it, move on to something new.

9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Memory ⋆ Motivated Progress


1. Choose now to let go

Getting over the past begins with the choice to finally release it. Besides, holding on to what happened doesn’t help, and wishing things were different won’t change them. So, it’s best to let it go.

Furthermore, tightening your grip on it will only destroy you.

8 Powerful Ways To Let Go Of The Past ⋆ Motivated Progress


Comfort zone

Escaping from your comfort zone is a necessity in order to rise above the masses. Even though your daily routine feels safe and pleasant, that doesn’t mean it’s beneficial. In fact, the safer you feel, the less likely you’ll do anything to make progress .

A comfort zone isn’t a place—it’s the habit of avoiding new things or taking any risks. However,life rewards those who push their boundaries and take chances.

Successful people accept that sometimes they’ll feel the pain of falling short, but they know the reward is worth it. Furthermore, their experiences turn them into a more creative and mentally resilient person. Eventually, they adapt to the struggle, and their comfort zone expands.

How to Break Free from Your Comfort Zone ⋆ Motivated Progress



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