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More Anime wisdom for inquisitive normies. Situated in an alternative period of Edo in Japan, Samurai Champloo follows the journey of three eccentric individuals (Fuu, Mugen & Jin) on an action-filled epic mission, comedy and dynamic struggle of swords, all with the rhythm of a hip-hop infusion soundtrack.

If life is better than ever before, why does the world seem so depressing?

I think this anime is pretty interesting if you want to learn more about the human body and have a good laugh!

The winter season is perfect for reading a good book standing by the fireplace. Here is the list of my 10 favorite winter books for anyone.

In a world where the antihero dominates, it's crucial to recognize the forgotten connection between music and the origins of these conflicted protagonists.

The exclamation point attracts enormous (and undue) amounts of flak for its unabashed claim to presence in the name of emotion which some unkind souls interpret as egotistical attention-seeking.

Gamification is increasingly becoming part of the learning process. It would seem that workers in the education system should set the direction for its development, but in reality a paradox occurred - it was not pedagogy that initiated the development of game forms, but business.

Celeste gained internet fame with #celestechallengeaccepted where she recreates celebrity photos in a more realistic setting. She teaches us to look behind the facade and despite personal challenges it is worth to keep going and always retain a sense of humour.

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