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Most people put almost no effort into finding out how success works in their field, so you can outdo the majority by doing a little research.

One misconception is that employers only care about a degree. While degrees are not useless, many hiring managers are very interested in hiring someone who is aggressively self-educated.

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Social Economics

Social Economics is a branch of economics and social sciences that puts focus on studying and analyzing the relationship between social behavior and economics.

It attempts to explain how a particular social group or social class behaves within a society and this includes their actions as consumers.

The Psychology Of Hobbies
  • While most people are aware hobbies tend to make us happier, they are also scientifically proven to make us healthier. Hobbies seem to help us live a calmer life, which reflects on the body.
  • For people with high-pressure jobs, hobbies help with disconnecting them from their business related tasks and from entire thought patterns around building a business.
  • Hobbies are also a way to shape our identity.

A study found that people are more willing to donate when a charity appeals to the benefits the donors will receive than to altruism.

Researchers mailed postcards encouraging randomly assigned families to donate money to charity. The postcard either highlighted the benefits to others or the benefits to themselves. Those who received the postcard promoting self-benefits were 6.6 percent more likely to give and gave 23 percent more on average.

How we intuitively manage debt

Many people do not effectively manage their debt but juggle multiple debts with different terms and interest rates.

The most effective way to pay off debt is to focus on the loans with the highest interest rates first. However, research shows that consumers who manage multiple debts prefer to reduce the total number of debts rather than reducing the total of their associated costs, even if they will pay more in the long run.

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