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The Internet can make you feel fractured

The internet can open us up to so many things that we would have never seen otherwise. There's funny animal videos, plant parent groups, and information on movements. But there's also hate speech, harassment, misinformation etc.

The internet can also divide our attention and make us feel fragmented.

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Clarifying your thinking

When we are struggling with a complex topic, it can be powerful to talk someone else through the idea, step by step.

This principle of explaining complex ideas as simply as possible is called 'Explain Like I'm Five.' Explaining concepts helps to clarify our thinking. It is a process that ultimately helps us to be understood.

The best ideas come to those who wait

Many of us think that our creativity comes from our first ideas. We assume that finding creative solutions slow down over time.

This assumption is wrong, research suggests. The best ideas come to those who wait. Patience and perseverance will lead to more innovative solutions.

One hour of writing

Writing for an hour a day can improve your personal and professional life.

A lot can be accomplished by a focused hour of creation time, in which you are not disturbed. Deep creativity tasks, when done just a little daily, can become a lot in a year.

When to Study

Studying time is more efficient if it is spread out over many sessions throughout the semester, with a little extra right before the exam.

Cover each piece of info five times from when you first learn it until your exam. It will enable you to retain the information with minimal effort.

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